Steve Trettel

MediumCustom GPU ray marching program for the Thurston Geometries, written in collaboration with Remi Coulon, Sabetta Matsumoto, and Henry Segerman.
The ArtA collection of spheres in the closed manifold S2xS1, arranged on the vertices of a regular dodecahedron on one of the spherical slices.
The MathThe 3-manifold S2xS1 admits a homogeneous geometry, with positive curvature in two directions and zero curvature in the third direction. The inside view of this space is particularly challenging to get aquainted with, as generic geodesics reconverge after initially spreading out (a consequence of the positive curvature), causing distortions in vision.
CategoriesGPU Computing, Ray Tracing, Thurston Geometries, Low Dimensional Topology