Steve Trettel

MediumComputer generated using a custom-built shader material and THREEjs.
The ArtA parameterization of a tubular neighborhood of the trefoil knot, embedded in the 3-sphere and rendered as a thin soap film. Viewed in 3 dimensional space via stereographic projection through a point on the knot, so that the negative space in the image is homeomorphic to the trefoil complement.
The MathKnot theory is the study of closed loops in 3-dimensional spaces, often in the 3-dimensional sphere. The torus knots are one of the simplest infinite families of knots, defined by wrapping a string around a torus of revolution. The trefoil is the (2,3) torus knot, as it can be formed by wrapping 2 times around a torus in one direction, and 3 in the other.
CategoriesKnot Theory, Computer Graphics, Math Illustration, Stereographic Projection