A closed timelike curve in the Godel universe
Riemann Sum
Secant Line
Three Body
Spring Cube
This program simulates a 3 dimensional network of coupled harmonic oscillators, to model a deformable solid such as jello.
A cloth simulation built from a 2D grid of coupled harmonic oscillators.
Integral Curves
Curvature & Torsion
Space curves are determined uniquely up to rigid motion by their curvature and torsion. This program computes a representative curve from these invariants.
Knot Complements
Visualizing the complement the regular neighborhood of knots in the 3-sphere.
Hopf Tori
Preimages of closed curves under the Hopf Map
Dynamics & Strange Attractors
The Shadow of a Cube
Curvature of Surfaces
The Fundamental Group of the Torus