Shrodinger Lattice
Orbital Density
Sphere and Cylinder Deform
Orbital Isosurface
Sphere and Cylinder
Torus Eigenfunctions
Spherical Harmonics
Cylinder Eigenfunctions
Hydrogen 2d Slice
Circular Drum
Square Drum
Cylindrical Shells
Area Function
Ftc Plotter
Volume by Slicing
Genus2 Teichmuller
Schwarzschild Checkerboard
Projective Triangle Group
Right Angled Hexagons
Right Angled Pentagons
Newton Fractal
Newtons Method
Gaussian Geodesics
Vector Field 2D
Slope Field
Riemann Sum 2D
Riemann Sum Sequence
Hyperbolic Collisions
Schwarzschild Geodesics
A closed timelike curve in the Godel universe
Riemann Sum
Secant Line
Three Body
Spring Cube
This program simulates a 3 dimensional network of coupled harmonic oscillators, to model a deformable solid such as jello.
A cloth simulation built from a 2D grid of coupled harmonic oscillators.
Integral Curves
Curvature & Torsion
Space curves are determined uniquely up to rigid motion by their curvature and torsion. This program computes a representative curve from these invariants.
Knot Complements
Visualizing the complement the regular neighborhood of knots in the 3-sphere.
Hopf Tori
Preimages of closed curves under the Hopf Map
Dynamics & Strange Attractors
The Shadow of a Cube
Curvature of Surfaces
The Fundamental Group of the Torus