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I'm Steve Trettel, a mathematician who is also interested in computers, physics, and language.

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I'm currently an assistant professor at the University of San Francisco. This is both my personal and academic website, so you’ll find math I like explaining, updates on my computer graphics hobby, physics I'm learning, and some favorite meals, among other things.

Note: This website is a new redesign (as of summer 2022) for me, and my first attempt at learning hugo for site building: it’s definitely still under construction so apologies in advance for broken links or non-existent pages!

My blogging comes in two broad types, which I’ll call posts, notes. Posts are planned content that I think will be of interest to others, usually of a math/physics/computer science nature. Notes are just pages in my personal notebook: containing enlightening computations and worked examples of various things, short personal writings, and interesting things I don’t want to forget. I will try hard to ensure posts are relatively free of errors, but cannot promise the same for notes - its easy to make mistakes when learning new things, and I hope risk of public embarassment is worth whatever use others may find in them.


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Rigidity in Curved Space:
Working out the definitions relevant for modeling physical objects in curved space.

Hyperbolic Springs:
Deriving the ODE for a spring which is pushed in hyperbolic geometry (it oscillates!)

Convolution and Differentiation of Distributions:
If F is a distribution and g is a function, why is (DF)*g equal to F*Dg?

Topologizing The Space Of Distributions:
Why do we need to require convergence of the derivatives when defining a topology on the set of distributions?

Deep Time:
Some thoughts on the importance of appreciating the immensity of earth's history.

Life in Hyperbolic Space:
The dangers of life in a negatively curved space

Saying goodbye to my favorite space craft, on the eve of its entry into Saturn's atmosphere.

Cubics and Braids:
The bridge between the 3-strand braid group and the trefoil knot complement

An old note, from my early graduate school days, explaining the hopf fibration.

Lattices in the Plane and the Trefoil Knot

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Orbital Density
Sphere and Cylinder Deform
Orbital Isosurface
Sphere and Cylinder
Torus Eigenfunctions
Spherical Harmonics
Cylinder Eigenfunctions
Hydrogen 2d Slice
Circular Drum
Square Drum

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